Current Fees

When you enroll a non- enrolment fee of £70 is required to hold a space for your child. When a place is available and has been accepted, a refundable deposit of £100 is payable. This deposit will only be refunded if a terms written notice has been given in advance.

A child starting at the Nursery will be expected to attend for a minimum of three sessions per week for the first term, rising to more sessions for subsequent terms if required. By the time a child is three years old, we recommend that your child attends Nursery a minimum of five sessions per week.

Once we have agreed with you what sessions have been allocated to your child for the term, those sessions cannot be varied and so if your child misses a session, for whatever reason, that session cannot be replaced with one on a different day.

Little Elms Montessori Nursery offer a number of grants and schemes please see below if you are eligible, or for more information please contact Hertfordshire County Council at Please have a look at our nursery funding page to use your childcare funding free hours ( 15 and 30). 

8 – 9 am

Breakfast Club

  Monday – Friday


9 – 12 am

Morning Session

  Monday – Friday


12 – 1 pm

Lunch Club

  Monday – Friday


1 – 3 pm

Afternoon Session

  Monday – Friday


3 – 4 pm

Afterschool day-care Session

  Monday – Friday


Breakfast Club – Breakfast is included and will consist of Toast, Cereal, Fruit, Milk etc.

Lunch Club – children will need to bring an appropriate packed lunch into Nursery, that does not need cooking or reheating.

Snack Children will need to bring their own prepared snack. 

All Nursery fees must be paid and cleared in advance by the last day of the previous Term by BACS or cash (made payable to Mindful Montessori Ltd.) to hold your child’s nursery place. Fees should be paid by the date given to avoid occurring late payment fine of £75 in the first week of term and a further £25 will be charged for any returned Cheques. We reserve the right to withdraw your child’s place if the balance is not paid, or place confirmed. Please discuss any issues with us as soon as possible *

If the nursery must close, due to Bank holidays, emergency, Coronavirus (Covid-19) or any other pandemic, weather conditions, Government advice or any other unforeseen circumstances, the nursery term will not be extended nor will any part of the fee be refunded.

*Due to the uncertainty arising from the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic we will accept half a term’s fee payable before the commencement of that term. The remaining balance of that term’s fee would be payable before the commencement of the half-term break.

Children who are absent due to illness or holidays will not be refunded for these days, the space is held and chargeable.

Terms & Conditions